Oliver Tirré
E: olivertirre@hotmail.com
A: Royal Academy Schools, 6 Burlington Gardens, London, W1S 3ET


Amplifiers, 2021


Living Units I, 2018
Lead primer, plywood and felt
825 x 400 x 977 mm


Living Units II, 2018
Lead primer, plywood and felt
825 x 356 x 762 mm

Western Standards 2018 @ TG
w/ Barbara Laws, Lawrence Leaman, Ghislaine Leung, Dana Munro, Alan Ruiz, Oliver Tirré


Thought, 2015. Walnut


Christmas Party
HiFi, 2018
Custom 3 way speakers, Technics SU-V6 amplifier, Eiermann table frame

Posters by Alison Lloyd


HiFi, 2018
The work is a specific object without specific form. It exists when an invited person activates the air in the room with any form of sound, amplified through the vocal cords of the sculpture. The life of the work is dictated by its 'CV' of presentations.
The work is inclusive of low and high culture.


Plan for Studio Extension, 2015
The work is made up of an edition of 3 bronze casts titled '1:50 Scale Model of My Studio Space'. The work becomes the work when all 3 pieces come together from their respected locations. Each take on their own patina from the air and environment they occupy. The work is geographical distance, separation and unity.


Dust, 2015
sandings and scraping of the entire surface of a painting, in a wood and gesso tray

The work is the event of removal and anti-object as much as it is the physical object. The work is reduction of scale.


No title 2016
Bronze, potassium sulfate, water and glass

The work includes the total distance walked to obtain all materials that constitute to the object.
The work is 'care'; the evaporation of the water and need to refill (responsibility of the owner).
The work is the moment of refraction.


No title (negative) 2016
Medium format negative and invisible sellotape on window.

The negative and sellotape is not the work. The work is an exchange through passage of light, the distance between the viewers gaze and image.